Argentinean giants San Lorenzo ask league for no more home games at night due to excessive robberies around stadium

One of Argentina’s ‘big five’ clubs, San Lorenzo, have formally requested that the league schedules no more of their fixtures for after dark owing to the number of robberies suffered by fans leaving the stadium.

San Lorenzo have played at their current Nuevo Gasometro home since 1993, but have long been campaigning for a return to their old stadium in the neighbourhood of Boedo, that was taken off them by the Military Government in the 1970s. 

While that battle has been ongoing, they have continued to play in the neighbourhood of Bajo Flores, which backs onto one of Buenos Aires’ most dangerous shanty towns (villas). Inhabitants of the villa regularly sell drinks and snacks outside the stadium, but there has been a significant recent uptick in crime – possibly owing to the country’s economic instability. 

In the wake of a spate of robberies after the game against San Martín de San Juan on Tuesday, the club published a letter on their Twitter feed on Thursday that has also been sent to the relevant administrative bodies, asking for no more games at night for security reasons. 

“Because of the robberies suffered by our fans in the surroundings of the stadium, above all after night games, the club once again requests that San Lorenzo are not scheduled to play at home in this time slot.”

As things stand, San Lorenzo are scheduled to host Temperley in the Copa Argentina on Wednesday evening.

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