Bobby Duncan attacks Saif Rubie over bitter transfer to Fiorentina

‘You turned me away from my boyhood club… you RUIN careers’: Steven Gerrard’s cousin Bobby Duncan – now in Spain’s third tier – attacks agent Saif Rubie over his bitter Liverpool transfer exit saga

  • Bobby Duncan was a promising young striker at Liverpool in 2019
  • He left the club after his agent Saif Rubie accused the club of ‘bullying’ 
  • Despite his comments, Rubie claims he had advised Duncan to stay at the club 
  • Duncan hit back at this, accusing Rubie of ‘jeopradising his career’ 

Former Liverpool youth star Bobby Duncan has hit out as his former agent Saif Rubie for ‘jeopardising his career.’

Duncan was a promising young player at Liverpool (not to mention a cousin of Reds legend Steven Gerrard) and once scored a remarkable 66 goals in a season as youth player. 

He left the club in controversial fashion in 2019, though, after Rubie accused the club of ‘mental bullying’.

A statement first reported by Sportsmail also claimed Liverpool had not allowed Duncan to leave despite interest from Friorentina and FC Nordsjaelland, and that the club was ‘holding him against his will and damaging his mental health’.

Rubie changed his tune on TalkSPORT today, as he claimed he had urged Duncan to stay at the club.

He said: ‘Can I tell you something in that particular case? I actually advised him to stay at Liverpool and you have to understand one thing, which is what I was trying to tell you guys, my job is to do the best for whoever is telling me to help them whether it be the player, a buying club or a selling club.

Saif Rubie was Bobby Duncan’s agent during his time as a youth player with Liverpool

Rubie helped Duncan move to Fiorentina, but he struggled to make an impact in Serie A

The 21-year-old hit out at his former agent on Twitter for ‘jeopradising his career’

‘In that particular case, you can choose to believe me or not, I thought him staying was the best outcome. It wasn’t meant to be and in the end it got a bit ugly with Liverpool which is unfortunate.’

 Duncan hit back at his former agent on twitter today. He said: ‘I didn’t have a decision nor say as you took it upon yourself to jeopardise my career and to turn a local lad away from his boyhood club and leave me and my family to pick up all the pieces. 

‘Not once have I spoken upon this top in “four years” as it’s been my main priority to get my career back on track. But, yet you think you have the right to mention my name on a live radio show.’

Rubie recently changed his tune, telling TalkSPORT he had ‘advised Duncan to stay’

‘I should never have trusted my career in your hands. I have learnt my harsh lesson there. And I just pray you have learnt yours as it could ruin another young boys career.’   

The striker got his transfer to Fiorentina shortly after Rubie’s comments in 2019 but struggled to make an impact in Serie A. 

After a spell with Derby, he now plays in the Spanish third division with Real Balompedica Linense.

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