Cesc Fabregas says Chelsea can become "powerful force" with Ziyech and Werner

Hakim Ziyech and Timo Werner will make Chelsea a powerful force in the Premier League this season.

That is the view of Cesc Fabregas, who won two league titles with the Blues after leaving Barcelona.

The former Arsenal playmaker justified his decision to make the move across London with four impressive seasons, and he has seen very promising signs in their current crop of players.

The 33-year-old, who joined Monaco after leaving London last year, has now picked out Ziyech and Werner.

In a chat with 90min, Fabregas said of Ziyech: “He has this vision that you need in a top team like Chelsea who wants to win and be champions. It’s true that they were a team a little bit lacking ideas in the last season and maybe at the beginning of this season.

“But yeah, with Ziyech, you can see that he has this last pass and it’s not only that he sees it, it’s that he makes it right and at the right time.

“This is the decision-making we talk about nowadays.

“Why are coaches so tactical? Because they see that the decision-making of the players is not that good so they need to teach them always what to do.

“You know, before, I believe coaches were not so much on top of the player because they felt maybe that there wasn’t so much need because they felt maybe that there wasn’t so much need because already the players sort it by themselves.”

Before adding of Werner: “I think he’s one of these players that makes things happen. Things that, when the defenders or the centre-backs don’t expect you to make that pass and you catch them sleeping.

“And you have someone like Timo Werner making great runs in behind and I think this is where Chelsea could be so powerful this year.”

Lampard is equally as excited by Ziyech, and has urged fans to expect to see even more.

“Maybe there’s some more to come, he hasn’t played games for a long time and off the back of an injury he’s hit the ground running,’ Lampard told Chelsea TV. “But his work ethic has been great.

“His desire to win the ball back for a modern-day winger is imperative to the press.

“The magic, the bit you want from him when you bring him in, is that quality of breaking a line or finding a cross.

“I wanted him to bring something different and he’s clearly brought that in these early stages and hopefully we can keep working on that.”

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