Cole recalls how Terry 'lost the plot' after knocking him over

‘I had him on a bit of string and he lost the plot’: Joe Cole recalls how he annoyed club captain John Terry at Chelsea by knocking him over in training before winding him up by telling him to ‘get on the weights’

  • Joe Cole wound up Chelsea captain John Terry during a training session
  • The midfielder knocked Terry to the floor before joking ‘get on the weights’
  • Cole was speaking after he was announced as a FUT hero for FIFA 2022    

Joe Cole has recalled how John Terry ‘lost the plot’ after he knocked the Chelsea captain over during a training session.

The former Blues star was speaking on Chelsea’s official YouTube page after EA Sports announced him as FUT hero for the upcoming FIFA 2022 game.

Former team-mates including Ashley Cole were also part of the video as they recalled memories of their time together at Stamford Bridge.

Joe Cole has recalled how John Terry ‘lost the plot’ after he knocked him over during a session

Chelsea’s former left-back recorded a message where he brought up the incident between Cole and Terry which he joked left the captain ‘wanting to kill everyone’.

Joe Cole added to the story: ‘It doesn’t sound like much because how can I knock him over? 

‘It’s probably the over time that I’ve ever done it. And I let him know.

Ashley Cole left a recorded message bringing up the incident with Terry during training

‘I said “Get on the weights! The gym is over there!”. I had him on a bit of string and he’s lost the plot, bless him. Absolutely love him.’ 

It wasn’t the only time the midfielder wound up Chelsea’s club captain at the time, as Cole also brought up the story of how he also wound Terry up after a game of FIFA. 

He said: ‘We were playing FIFA and he was quite a good player, he was better than me. But this one time I was beating him and I thought “I’m going to wind him up, I’m going to go to bed now” and he’s the sort of guy that you had to let win otherwise he wouldn’t let you leave the room.

‘So I beat him and the final whistle has gone and I’ve run. And he’s chased me “Coley! Come back, I want another game”. 

Joe Cole also recalled the story of how he also wound up Terry after beating him on FIFA

‘So I’ve gone in my room, locked the door. Chain on, chair just in case he’s going to break the door down. He’s going “Nah you’ve got to give me another game”, I’ve gone “No geez, champs going to bed now, might order some room service”.

‘He was so angry as he’s such a competitor. I wouldn’t play him again and he must have been outside that room for about 10 minutes, begging me to play.’  

Watch the full EA SPORTS FIFA video with Joe Cole here to see his reaction as familiar faces, including Ashley Cole and Wayne Bridge, gather to celebrate his introduction as a Hero in FIFA 22. EA SPORTS FIFA 22 is available worldwide from October 1st 2021.

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