Cristiano Ronaldo’s big sadness as Man Utd star gets ready for Newcastle clash

Ronaldo backed for successful second Man Utd spell by Bale

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Cristiano Ronaldo is set to make his second Manchester United debut this weekend. The Portugal international has evolved into a footballing titan ever since his departure from Old Trafford back in the summer of 2009. But that’s actually saddened him, despite the forward being an icon around the world.

Ronaldo is set to be cheered on by an enthusiastic Old Trafford crowd against Newcastle on Saturday.

It will be a special occasion for the 36-year-old, who will be returning to the ground where he experienced some of the best years of his career.

When United sold Ronaldo to Real Madrid in 2009, they let the best player on the planet jump ship.

And he’s gone on to scale extraordinary heights in the time since, becoming the world’s most-followed person on social media.

But while Ronaldo knows fame is inevitable, the 36-year-old has previously lamented the fact he can no longer go out without being recognised.

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Piers Morgan, writing in his column for the Daily Mail, recently revealed that Ronaldo had confided in him about the negative aspects of his celebrity status.

Morgan wrote: “’Do you like being so ridiculously famous?’ I asked him.

“‘Piers, to be honest, it’s boring,’ he replied. ‘To be myself is boring.’

“‘I wouldn’t mind being as boring as you!’ I chuckled.

“‘When it starts, it’s great,’ he said.


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“‘You are famous, you are a fantastic player, you win trophies, you score goals, you are on the first page of the paper, on television.

“‘But after many years, you look at life in a different way. You have a girlfriend, you have kids, you want some privacy and there’s no privacy any more. My privacy has gone.’

“He admitted: ‘If I had the opportunity now, I would pay to have back my privacy. People say ‘Ah, yeah, but you are rich. You have money, you have cars, you have houses’, but this is not everything. Trust me, to be too famous is not good.’

“Suddenly, the grin had gone. Cristiano looked almost melancholic.

“‘You know how many times I’ve gone to the park with my kids in the past two years?’ he asked.



“‘If I go, so many people will suddenly arrive. The kids will be nervous, I will be nervous, my girlfriend will be nervous.

“‘I can’t go to a bar with friends because I know they’re not going to be comfortable with me there. I avoid doing that kind of thing, because the people around me will be more nervous than me.’”

Ronaldo also told Morgan of a night where he disguised himself in order to avoid being recognised.

Morgan relayed the story, saying: “‘It was soon after I joined Real Madrid in 2009 and it was New Year’s Eve and I really wanted to go out but it would have been impossible.

“So I put on a long wig and fake moustache, big sunglasses, a crazy jacket and we took our girlfriends to this hotel rooftop bar discotheque in central Madrid and we had a great time for many hours. It was one of the best nights I ever had, because I felt free again.’

“‘Do you feel like you’re in a permanent cage now?’ I asked him.

“‘A little bit, yes. But it’s too late to change that.’”

So while United are bringing a megastar back to Old Trafford, fame isn’t everything for Ronaldo.

Instead, that seems to be the only negative for the footballer as he looks to take the Premier League by storm. Again.

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