Fantasy Premier League tips: Best FPL team names 2020 – funniest fantasy football squads

Funny and creative team names have become commonplace among Fantasy Premier League users. But choosing a name can often be just as challenging as selecting 15 players. Fantasy Premier League gets going again on Saturday, with the deadline set at 11am.

And while you’ll be able to change your squad throughout the season, your team name will be fixed.

So choosing the right name for your squad will help you stand out from the crowd, while also providing some light-hearted amusement.

Here, Express Sport has provided a comprehensive list of the funniest football-based puns to use this season.

However, if you’ve thought of one we’ve missed, feel free to let us know in the comments and we can add it in!

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Fantasy Premier League team names


The Wizard of Özil

Bellerin Than Out

Nelson’s Column

Mustafi been lucky

Boom Xhakalaka

Nket-outta here

Salt & Pepe

Aston Villa

Stranger Mings

Flying Without Mings

Lord of the Mings

Things are Heaton Up

Hit the Targett


Gross Pointe Blank

Uptown Dunk

Gross Misconduct

Put a Dunk on it!


Dyche Dyche Baby

Call on Mee

Barnes & Noble


Netflix & Chilwell

Giroud awakening

Werner’s Originals

You Kante Be Serious

Loftus-Cheeky Nandos

Kepa Clean Sheet

Curious Jorginho

Crystal Palace

The Kouyate Kid

Wha’ Schlupp?


Eze Does It

Dann But Not Out


Gylfi Pleasures

Gylfi as Charged

Come Digne With Me

Delph & Safety

Baked Baines

Me, My Delph and I

Three-O Walcott


Cairney kick it?

Onomahtic Promotion

Zambo No 5

Parker the bus

Alice in Hangeland

Requiem for a Ream

Sess in the City

Hey Seri?

Life of Bryan


Leeds by example

No Place I’d Radebe

Berardi and Coke


Smack my Klich up



The Vardy Boys

Veni Vardy Vici

Yes Ndidi

Castagne Now, You Castagne


Show me da Mane

Alisson Wonderland

Klopps & Robertson

Top of the Klopps

Jean Claude Van Dijk

TAA Very Much

Run of the Milner

Man City

Ederson & Volleys

On your Ederson

Two and a Half Mendy

Sterling Silva

Game of Stones

Luke KyleWalker

Secret Life of Pep

De Bruyne Ultimatum

Pique and De Bruyne

Man Utd

Earth Wind & Maguire

Martial Arts

Hakuna Juan Mata

Lingardium Leviosa

Right Said Fred

Hanging By a Fred

Obi Wan-Bissaka


Gayle Force Wins

Dumm and Dummett

Who Dummett?

A Night in Lascelles

Ritchie Rich

Sheffield Utd

Would You? Norwood I

Holmes’ Where The Heart Is

Game, Mousset & Match

Basham Home

Keen & Egan


Stranger Ings

Flying Without Ings

Lord of the Ings

Alfa Romeu


When Harry Met Alli

No Kane, No gain

Citizen Kane

A Song of Ice & Dier

Sound of the Lloris

Lloris the hounds


Gone with the Winks

West Brom



Tricky Grosicki

Brunt Toast

West Ham

Drop it like Diop

Barnes & Noble

Fornals Attire


Salt and Vinagre

Neves Say Never

Haven’t Jota Clue

Put a Dendonck on it

European Influence


Bilbao Baggins

Bayer Neverlusen

Pathetico Madrid

Sub-standard Liege

Inter Row-Z

Expected Toulouse

Bolton Squanders

Real So So Bad

UnReal Madrid

Is Your Motherwell?

Ajax Treesdown

Cry Me a River Plate

Fiorentina Turner

Bayern Bru

Dynamo Chicken Kiev

Rapid Vienetta

The Big Lewandowski

Absolutely Fabregas

The Balotellitubbies

Who ate all Depays?

Tea & Busquets

Men Behaving Chadli

Cesc and the City

Ospina Colada

Pique Blinders

Egg Fried Reus

The Cesc Pistols

De Ligt House Family

Pjanic at the Disco

Whats Love Gotze do?

Chiellini Con Carne

Kroos Control

Dukes of Hazard

Sarri, Not Sarri


Two’s Kompany

Neymar Mr. Nice Guy

Thomas Muller Corner

It’s Getting Messi

Haven’t Got A Kalou

Turkish De Ligt

Zlat’s All Folks

Classics & Oldies


Obi Wan – Kenobi Nil

Game of Throw-Ins

Huth the Ball

Occasionally United

Hardly Athletic

Chicken Tiki Taka

Kings of Leon Osman

Neville Wears Prada

Le Saux Solid Crew

Lads on Toure

Fiddler on the Huth


Hazard Lights

Moves like Agger

Purple Reina

Silence of the Lahms

Ji Sung Park The Bus

Making Emile of it

Call of Guti

Robben Banks

Gangsta’s Allardyce

Tinchy Sneijder

Crouch Potato

Blink-1 Eto’o

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