FIFA 23 players already getting angry after ‘glitch’ makes it too easy to score

FIFA fans are already complaining about the new game being glitchy just a day after its release.

The latest edition of the EA Sports franchise was available to play from yesterday (September 26) for those who have purchased the Ultimate Edition. And an overpowered tactic has already been discovered by the eager gamers.

As a result, the first day of FIFA 23 has been plagued by repeated crosses into the box. All you have to do is play an LB/L1 pass, which sets that player darting forward thanks to custom tactics, and then cross the ball into them for an easy goal.

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Twitter user @BeneCR7x exposed the new move being used over and over on social media and wrote: "Hahahaha game is broken." Their post has racked up hundreds of thousands of views with fellow players up in arms.

One wrote: "Wtf are these crosses everyone is going to use this tactic." A second echoed: "The crossing is ridiculous."

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"I’m not bothering this year," commented one resigned fan. While others replied "of course the first release is broken" and "ugh i’m disgusted already".

It will no doubt be patched in an upcoming update but until then fans will have to deal with it in online game modes such as Ultimate Team and Pro Clubs.

Many FIFA games have had similar problems in the past, the most infamous being the kick-off glitch which allowed players to boot the ball forward from kick-off and score regularly.

FIFA 23, the last to be developed by EA Sports, will be fully released worldwide this Friday (September 30).


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