Four trick shots that divided fans as Lionel Messi produces incredible skill

Lionel Messi can do just about anything with a football, but his latest offering has people doubting the Paris Saint-Germain star.

Messi is one of the greatest players to ever grace a pitch – and he is therefore extremely useful for marketing purposes. The 34-year-old star has been signed up to kit manufacturer Adidas for a long time, and the German company have benefited greatly from his patronage.

The latest tie-up between Messi and Adidas sees the PSG player testing out their latest ‘Diamond Edge’ boots inside an empty stadium.The video, which has been posted to Messi’s 324million followers on Instagram, sees him chipping balls into a bin in the distance.

With the camera on him, Messi casually dinks three balls into the bin with ease before turning around to offer a thumbs up and a smile. Adidas have replied with “GOAT things”, but some fans aren’t so sure the video is genuine.

While plenty of replies call him “the GOAT” and “an alien”, some say “it’s clearly fake”. At present we can’t be sure either way. But one thing we do know is that there is some precedent in this area.

Ronaldinho’s crossbar challenge

For most people, the ultimate viral football skill video comes from Brazilian great Ronaldinho and Nike. In October 2005 Nike releasedan advert on YouTube which showed Ronaldinho receiving a briefcase with their latest boots in from Eric Cantona.

Ronaldinho opens it, puts them on and then proceeds to produce a piece of skill which really tested the viewers’ belief. The Barcelona star does some kick-ups from the edge of the penalty area, before smashing the ball into the crossbar at such an angle that it comes straight back to him. He does this four times in succession, without letting the ball hit the ground.

The video called ‘Brazilian Ping Pong’ made internet history, as the first video to ever reach 1million views on YouTube and it is still fondly remembered by fans as an all-time classic – whether it is real (unlikely) or not (very likely).

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Beckham’s beach show

Messi’s latest video may well have taken inspiration from an effort from David Beckham. Back when he was still playing for LA Galaxy in the MLS, Becks starred in avideo for Pepsiin which he chipped three balls into three different bins (or trash cans, if you’re American) while wandering across a beach.

In the video a barefooted Becks, who is casually doing some kick-ups with a Pepsi can in hand, is challenged by the video-camera-holder to kick the balls into the bins dotted in the distance. Of course, he does so with no trouble at all, arcing the final one in – much to the shock of the narrator. The comments suggest everyone knows it’s fake, but they don’t care.

Salah’s tyre trick

Pepsi are no strangers to the ‘football star does an eye-catching trick while conveniently holding the product’. They’ve done another one with Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah, who is filmed putting the ball through a tyre, which is elevated by some metal poles.

Inthe video , the Egyptian star chips the ball through the hole before placing a Pepsi can on top of the tyre, so he can smash it to the ground. Given the degree of difficulty being a lot lower than those above, this one is entirely believable.

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