Gary Neville organising Downing St protest after publicly bashing Boris Johnson

Gary Neville is set to organise a protest outside of No.10 Downing Street after publicly criticising British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Johnson is currently under fire over allegations over a Christmas Party hosted a Downing Street when the country was in Lockdown.

Neville tweeted: "Protest on Downing St to stand up for truth and integrity in our democracy! Against the scoundrel and his disciples? 18th December seems the right date."

The Manchester United icon attached a poll, which overwhelmingly supported in favour of a protest.

Leading Neville to tweet: "Right let’s go for it! 18th December. Anyone organise for me?"

Neville posted a video to his social media accounts on Thursday, and he said: “The reports emerging that Boris Johnson is going to announce a press conference at 5.30pm.

"The distraction tactic is now a predictable one. We’ve seen it for the last two years. This guy lacks integrity.

"He lies to us constantly. The mistruths that come out of number 10 are just constant.

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"Not only that but he’s the worst kind of leader. Someone who expects his team to go under with him and come out and lie for him. His ministers and his MPs are constantly forced to do that and enough is enough."

Neville's odds to become UK Prime Minister by 2050 have been slashed in recent days.

And some bookmakers have the former professional football as low as 100/1.

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