‘Ghost of George Best’ caught on camera as ex-wife of legend says she’s haunted

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Sixteen years have passed since George Best's life was tragically cut short, but as one of the finest footballers of his generation, his spirit will undoubtedly live on for decades.

Though according to his ex-wife Alex, that isn't just a metaphor.

Despite famously living a playboy lifestyle, the Manchester United legend got hitched twice – firstly to Angie, a former model and PlayBoy bunny, and secondly to Alex in 1995.

The two lived together in Surrey before splitting up in 2004, a year before Best succumbed to alcoholism.

Since her ex-husband's death, Alex claims to have experienced strange phenomena and goings-on around the house – things she hasn't been able to explain.

Bits and bobs have apparently been vanishing from sight, only to reappear in the middle of the room many months later, as reported by The Mirror.

Heavy pieces of furniture have also been spotted moving, while lights have randomly flicked on and off every now and then.

"I’m convinced spirits have come to visit my 200-year-old house," Alex said. "And now I think George could have been one of them."

"On the day of George’s funeral I was staying at a hotel in Belfast," the 49-year-old recalled.

"I remember it was an early start that day and obviously it was very emotional. Just as I was leaving through the hotel door the shower turned on full blast. On its own."

Desperate to understand what was going on, Alex enlisted the help of paranormal professionals from discovery+ new TV documentary series Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted.

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Amazingly, the camera crew managed to capture a potentially paranormal moment on film as a book shoots out from the back of a shelf, seemingly by itself.

The book in question was George Best's biography.

"I don’t think that’s a coincidence," says Alex.

"I’ve got so many books on that bookshelf. I’ve got books on films, antiques, all different autobiographies and yet the book that shot out was George’s. That moment made me really think he could have been one of the spirits.

"Something like that would be typical George," she added.

"Before that point I’d thought the spirit had just been a child because it was mischievous and playful, but George was mischievous as well. He was always playing around and trying to make people laugh."

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