Inside Dion Dublin’s move from PL icon to Homes Under the Hammer

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Football fans were forced to do a double-take when former Aston Villa, Coventry and England striker Dion Dublin was named as one of the presenters on the BBC’s property show Homes Under the Hammer in 2015 as they were perplexed by the surprise appointment. Dublin had a successful playing career, with over 300 Premier League appearances and his charm and charisma ensured that a career in broadcasting was not a shock, though property renovation and auction was not the genre many would have predicted.

Dublin was announced as a new presenter on Homes Under the Hammer in March of 2015, becoming the third member of the team alongside Martin Roberts and Lucy Alexander. Alexander has since left and been replaced by Martel Maxwell while Jacqui Joseph and Tommy Walsh joined the team in 2020. “I am thrilled to be joining Martin and Lucy on Homes Under The Hammer,” Dublin said at the time. “I have a passion for property and look forward to meeting people on the show who share that passion.”

According to The Sun, Dublin landed the role after receiving training through the BBC’s Diversity Creative Talent Fund, which aims to provide opportunities to potential stars from ethnic groups currently underrepresented on television.

Lisa Hazlehurst, of the company behind the show, said: “Dion’s enthusiasm for property is infectious and we’re really excited he is joining Homes Under The Hammer, which has proved such a hit with audiences for more than a decade.”

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Fans of the show have taken to Dublin well as he has demonstrated an impressive knowledge of property while keeping the show entertaining, having gone viral for his famed catchphrase “Stairs going up to the bedrooms” which he even repeated jokingly during the Beeb’s coverage of eighth-tier Marine against Tottenham in 2021 which left viewers in hysterics.

However, Dublin has admitted that he fell into the property world “by mistake” as he described the circumstances that led to him joining the BBC programme. “For me it started in 1992, I sort of fell upon it by mistake,” Dublin told Yahoo. “I had one, two, three and then four houses and then it’s like ‘Oh, I’ve started something here.’

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“Then I realised I had a portfolio and they’ve all been rented out. I think the people at the BBC and Homes Under the Hammer must have known that I like my property and said ‘let’s give him a go.’

“I’ve got a building company as well, so I’m always around building sites and auction houses, it’s my real passion along with my footy, and my music.”

Aside from both football and property, Dublin also invented a percussion instrument which he called the Dube. He came up with the idea in 2006 during his time at Norwich and built the Dube himself.

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