Jamie Carragher accuses Micah Richards of bias in Harry Kane argument

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Liverpool icon Jamie Carragher accused his Sky Sports colleague Micah Richards of being biased during their debate on Harry Kane after the England captain scored the only goal of the game as Tottenham defeated Manchester City 1-0 on Sunday. Kane became the club’s all-time top scorer with his strike as he surpassed Jimmy Greaves, but questions have remained over where he ranks among the best strikers in the Premier League’s history.

Carragher felt that Kane will go down alongside the likes of Alan Shearer and Wayne Rooney as the league’s greatest strikers, but Richards disagreed and put the duo ahead of Kane partly based on the trophies they won in their careers.

Kane joined Shearer and Rooney in the 200 league goals club, but remains without a club trophy in his career. When arguing that forwards in previous eras had a more difficult task of scoring than Kane due to the quality of defenders, Carragher accused Richards of being biased to his BBC colleague Shearer, who he has worked alongside on several broadcasts and podcasts alongside Gary Lineker.

“It is tough because his [Kane’s] loyalties have almost gone against him,” Richards said on Sky Sports as he discussed whether Kane should leave Spurs to aid his legacy. “A lot of people will say ‘Show us your trophies’. Everyone says that. I don’t think personally he is as good as Rooney or Alan Shearer.”

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Carragher then replied: “I haven’t got a problem with that opinion, but give me the argument why.” Richards continued: “Because when Rooney came on the scene he was doing things…”

The former Liverpool man then interrupted and accused him of being biased in the argument: “Is it because you work with Alan Shearer?!” which Richards denied. “It’s got nothing to do with that,” he said. “Alan Shearer was scoring goals for fun!

“When I watched Alan Shearer the way he would score all different types of goals, I just prefer Alan Shearer as a striker. In terms of dropping off and doing passes and getting assists, all-round game, I am talking about goalscorer, I just prefer Alan Shearer.”

Carragher added: “The thing I find fascinating about Harry Kane is that every striker we have all played with naturally drops deeper as they get older because they don’t have the pace, physicality to hurt players. Normally the goals get less because of that reason, but his goalscoring record has stayed the same.”

He could not resist adding a second jab at Richards picking Shearer over Kane as Carragher felt was due to his BBC affiliation, interrupting the former Manchester City defender when he argued his point further by asking: “Is that Shearer in your ear?” 

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