Jurgen Klopp enjoying ‘best job in the world’ ahead of 1,000th game

“It is for me the best job in the world. It is not a relaxing job, not a job where you have a lot of holiday but I love it. I feel blessed I can do it because it is pretty much the only job I can do. I am fine with the excitement, the pressure, the outstanding moments and the less good moments. It is part of the deal. Nobody wins all the time. I knew that early. Perhaps people should get an honour for 1000 good games – I am not sure anyone would get that.”

Klopp had been a player at Mainz and initially took charge on a caretaker basis, with a flying start necessary to save them and ensure he was not soon forgotten.

“I don’t know that at that time that I want to do the job for the rest of my life,” he said. “From the first seven games, I think we won six. If we lost one more I think we would be relegated. If we win five it is an outstanding number and we go down to the third division and a promising coaching career would be finished before it started.”

He also argued that there was less pressure on him when he started because there was less outside noise. “Twenty-two years ago when I became a manager did we have smartphones? No. Great times, it means much less information. I analysed games with a video recorder and a DVD; that is how I started. When you wanted to know what the outside world thought, you have to ask somebody or open a newspaper.”

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