Liverpool fans spot Naby Keita mistake vs Chelsea – and they can’t stop laughing

Liverpool fans can’t get enough after spotting Naby Keita’s hilarious mistake against Chelsea.

Saturday’s 0-0 clash between the Reds and Blues left a lot to be desired. The lack of quality on show for a Premier League ‘top six’ clash made for drab viewing and further highlighted just how far both sides have fallen this season.

So when Liverpool midfielder Keita suddenly appealed for a penalty out of nowhere on the hour mark, fans quickly jumped off their seats and sofas to see what all the ruckus was about.

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Keita ran up to referee Michael Oliver and gesticulated intensely, suggesting there had been a handball in the Chelsea box. The Guinean then gave a cheeky smile and thumbs up when Oliver said VAR would be taking a look at the incident.

The Reds star couldn’t help but fist pump, giving Liverpool supporters hope that they were about to be awarded a crucial penalty.

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But a replay of the incident quickly left viewers confused at what the midfielder had gotten excited about. It showed the ball brushing Thiago Silva’s arm, who had merely used it to support himself on the ground.

And fans couldn’t help but laugh as they recalled the incident on social media, with one user tweeting: “Dhksgsksgdksjy just remembered Keita started clapping and told everyone to calm down cos he was convinced we got a penalty for handball.”

Another replied: “When I tell you I was crying when he did the thumbs up.”

A third commented: “He tricked me I thought it was going to be a pen 100%,” while a fourth added: “I remember laughing when I saw the replay thinking that's NEVER a pen.”


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