Maracana was once ‘used for adult shoot’ – they were filmed inside stadium

Brazil's Maracana stadium is one of the most iconic homes of football on the planet, but it was once used for a 'porn shoot'.

The stadium has hosted two World Cup finals, 1950 and 2014, three Copa America finals, the Confederations Cup, and the Olympic Games.

However, in 2017, the stadium was in a dire state, and officials in Rio de Janeiro called police to take urgent action to stop the 'destruction of the Maracana'.

Areas of the stadium were collapsing, and thousands of broken seats had been thrown in a heap.

And it was these conditions that led to a young couple engaging in sexual intercourse inside the stadium.

According to the Brazilian outlet UoL Esporte, the couple were filmed having sex in the north stand of the stadium.

The report states that UoL Esporte have seen a video of the scene, and that the video shows the grass on the pitch as well as seats in the stands being clearly visible.

However, the pair and the cameraman were caught by employees and thrown out of the stadium.

Due to the state of the stadium at the time, the couple avoided prosecution.

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The Maracana has seen its fair share of magical moments down the years.

It has played host to Pele's 1000th goal, and it was the home of Brazil's 1982 World Cup side, recognised as the greatest international side to never win the World Cup.

However, the Maracana's first major final, in 1950, is one of Brazilian footballs most heartbreaking days.

Brazil met with Uruguay in the World Cup final and lost: the defeat affected the country so much that Brazil ditched their black shirts in favour of the now-iconic yellow.

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