Neville makes prediction about Man Utd protests after Liverpool match postponed

Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville has warned that fan protests are “not going to go away” after Sunday’s Premier League clash against Liverpool was postponed.

Neville was one of the most outspoken critics against plans for a European Super League – of which United were one of the 12 founding member clubs.

The club were one of England’s so-called ‘big six’ to form the breakaway league but they, alongside Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City, before later pulling out of the proposals following a huge backlash from fans.

Today’s protests around Old Trafford also saw a number of fans walk through security barriers and enter the pitch, with fans voicing their displeasure with the Glazer ownership.

The Glazer family have owned United since 2005 since a hugely controversial takeover with protests from United fans at the time and intermittently in subsequent years.

Neville believes that today is just the start of the fans taking meaningful action to voice their anger with the owners.

Neville said on Sky Sports on Sunday: “The reaction is that, I think it’s a warning to the owners of the football club that they’re not going to accept what they’ve done in the past couple of weeks. That’s the first thing, the second thing is we don’t quite know to the extent of what’s happened outside of the ground.

“We know some fans came in and they were reasonably peaceful, but if there has been a disturbance, then that’s not acceptable. But the reality is that the game has been called off today and the fans have spoken. The fans spoke a couple of weeks ago about this proposal and there was a u-turn by the six owners in this country.

“It’s not going to go away because they don’t trust the owners of these clubs, they don’t like them, they think they should leave. Beyond today, it should be about reform and regulation and making sure they can’t do it again.

“Protesting is the right of every person in this country to do that. We must retain the fact they’re able to protest. However, beyond today, it’s about fans in this country and they should reunite to make sure there is a reform in English football. That is the most important thing.

“It will be a waste of time if there isn’t a reform in English football.”

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