New Burnley chairman says he will back Dyche's transfer demands

‘I don’t expect Sean to be frustrated’: New Burnley chairman Alan Pace says he will ‘be supportive’ of Dyche’s transfer demands and hints at January signings for the relegation battlers

  • Alan Pace has spoken positively about transfers after taking over at Burnley 
  • The new chief says he does not expect Sean Dyche to be left ‘frustrated’ 
  • Dyche has previously expressed frustration at a lacking of backing in the market 
  • Pace says the manager is looking at a number of target and will be ‘supported’ 

New Burnley chairman Alan Pace has had a meeting with manager Sean Dyche and has promised to back him in the transfer window.

Dyche made no secret of his frustration at a failure to invest in players under the previous regime, leading to speculation about his future at the club.

Pace cited Dyche’s eight-year stay at the helm as a significant factor in ALK’s interest in acquiring Burnley along with the community nature of the club and the opportunity for growth.

Burnley boss Sean Dyche is set to have his wishes granted and funds to improve his squad

‘I thought it went well,’ said the businessman of his meeting with Dyche. ‘I’ve been looking forward to it for quite some time.

‘We’re very, very big fans. We like consistency, we like longevity and we see what an amazing manager he is and leader.

‘He does have some things he’s looking at (in the transfer window), we’re supportive of what he’s looking at.

New chairman Alan Pace says he does not expect Dyche ‘to be frustrated’ after the window

‘I don’t expect Sean to be frustrated. I hope that he will be pleased with the way we can support him and interact with him and that will be our efforts on a constant basis.’

Pace does not want to make rash promises but clearly has ambitions for Burnley beyond a yearly fight against relegation and plans to grow the club’s reach internationally.

He said: ‘There’s things here we think to reach beyond where we are today.

‘I can’t give you a timeframe – who would have thought we were going to go into another lockdown if we were six months ago – so the hard part is not knowing what’s next for us in the short-term.

‘But I can tell you, if we’re fortunate enough to still be here in 20 years, the ambitions of this club will be very different.’

Burnley have won only twice so far this season and find themselves in a relegation battle 

Pace splits his time between homes in New York and London but reckons he will spend 80 per cent of it in the north west from now on, although so far coronavirus restrictions have limited his experience of Burnley to ‘Turf Moor and Tesco’.

He said: ‘I’m very hands on. I’m not going to be the guy that’s going to rewire the WiFi – although I’ll make sure it gets fixed, because I can’t stand it – but it’ll be very hands on because it’s very different.

‘I’ve already experienced a few things that need to change, and you don’t do that unless you’re living in it every day. But that’s not to take away from those that are doing the significant job that they’ve been doing and will continue to do.’

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