Premier League clubs vote against five-sub rule ahead of new season

The five-substitute ruling that was introduced following lockdown will be scrapped next season following a vote by Premier League clubs this morning.

Teams were allowed to make five changes at three different stages of the match when football resumed after a three-month suspension in July.

It was felt, given the time of year and long absence from play, that five subs would prevent injuries and help players playing in the soaring heat.

The move proved popular for members of the top six, as they could feasibly introduce five internationals and have a better chance of winning.

However, the ruling needed 14 out of 20 Premier League clubs to vote in favour of keeping the five-subs and the Telegraph reports that 11 clubs rejected the proposal.

Elsewhere, there was a 10-10 tie on a vote over the amount of substitutes available.

Since Project Restart, Premier League sides have been able to name 20-man squads, meaning nine substitutes were available to each manager.

However, after a tie in the voting, squads will go back down to 18, meaning only seven subs will be permitted.

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