Roman Abramovich defends policy after 15 Chelsea bosses in 18 years.

Roman Abramovich defends his hire-and-fire policy in a rare interview after having 15 Chelsea bosses in 18 years… and billionaire owner admits he is ‘comfortable making the right changes at the right time’ after sacking club legend Frank Lampard

  • Roman Abramovich has defended his ruthless attitude towards firing managers
  • Chelsea have had 15 managers in the 18 years since he took over in 2003 
  • The Blues’ owner admitted though that he is comfortable making tough calls
  • In a rare interview Abramovich outlined his belief in Chelsea’s long term strategy

Roman Abramovich has vowed to continue winning trophies at Chelsea with a warning to his managers that this is how they will always be judged.

In a very rare interview with Forbes magazine, Abramovich reflected warmly on his 18 years since he bought the London club.

He spoke of fulfilling ambitions to create world-class teams, including the successful women’s team and the prolific academy, and about fighting discrimination and making a positive impact on the club’s communities.

Roman Abramovich has defended his hire-and-fire policy when it comes to Chelsea managers

Thomas Tuchel is the latest of 15 Chelsea managers in 18 years since Abramovich took over

Abramovich said: ‘I think the trophies speak for themselves and show what we as a club have been able to achieve over these years, and it’s my goal for us to keep winning trophies going forward and build for the future.

‘Chelsea has a very rich history, and I feel extremely fortunate to a play a part in that.

‘The club was here before me, and will be here after me, but my job is to ensure we are as successful as we can be today, as well as build for the future.’

As for the rapid turnover of managers, he added: ‘I think we are pragmatic in our choices. And we are comfortable making the right changes at the right time to ensure we can achieve our long-term ambitions.

‘I hope it also says something about the clarity of the long-term ambition of the club. Those who join understand the objectives both on the pitch, as well as the wider positive role the club plays in the community.’  

Club legend Frank Lampard was the last to be sacked by Abramovich and he then acted quickly to appoint Thomas Tuchel, who has yet to lose a game. His only regret appears to be the extra attention owning the Blues has brought.

‘In hindsight, especially with the public profile it would bring me, maybe I would have thought differently about owning a club,’ said Abramovich.

‘At the time, I just saw this incredible game and that I wanted to be a part of that in one way or another.’

Abramovich believes the trophies Chelsea have won justifies the decisions he has made

Reflecting on his decision to enter the world of football 18 years ago, Abramovich revealed it was attending matches while travelling on business that first attracted his attention.

And it was a move into the sport and into the Premier League that shifted the balance of power in the England game and turned Chelsea into a major competitor for the likes of Manchester United and Arsenal. 

‘There was so much emotion, so much excitement. I remember thinking, ‘I want to be a part of this,’ Abramovich said.

‘The fact that there is no set formula for winning football matches – a coach and his or her squad have to consider many factors when approaching each match.

‘It’s like every few days is a new exam and the work you have put in gets evaluated. I enjoyed, and still enjoy, the unpredictability and seeing how each game plays out.’ 

The Russian revealed it was the emotion involved in football that first attracted him to the sport

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