Simon Jordan says stars should take wage cut if they refuse to play

‘You cannot have all the contractual benefits’: Former Crystal Palace owner Simon Jordan believes footballers should take a wage cut if they refuse to play during coronavirus crisis

  • A host of Premier League stars are concerned over playing during the pandemic 
  • The government announced sport can return behind closed doors from June 1 
  • But the top flight’s Project Restart has been met with opposition from players 
  • And Simon Jordan believes that revolting stars should have to take wage cuts 
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

Former Crystal Palace owner Simon Jordan believes that footballers can’t be paid their full wages if they refuse to play during the coronavirus crisis.

A number of footballers have expressed concern with restarting the season at this stage of the pandemic, although the government announced that sport can return, albeit behind closed doors, from June 1.

Amid vocal opposition from several top-flight stars, Jordan says that footballers shouldn’t be entitled to their standard salary if they continue to make a stand over the coming weeks.

Simon Jordan (centre) believes footballers can’t be paid their full wages if they refuse to play

Raheem Sterling, Glenn Murray and Danny Rose have fronted the protests over the Premier League’s ambitious Project Restart, with the on-loan Newcastle full back even describing the proposals as a ‘f***ing joke’. 

However, the top flight edged closer to returning after all 20 clubs voted to return to training this week.

Players will initially gear up for their remaining fixtures in small groups, while Covid-19 testing has also been ramped up.

And Jordan has advocated footballers taking pay cuts if they refuse to take to the field, telling talkSPORT: ‘Danny Rose is the case that proves certain people’s points about the ideals of certain footballers. 

A number of Premier League stars have voiced concerns over playing during the pandemic

Jordan suggested on talkSPORT that revolting players shouldn’t be entitled to their full salary 

‘When you come out and speak in that fashion you don’t give yourself any opportunity to give respect back from who you purport to play for at a time that suits you.

‘If the argument is in six or seven weeks time that footballers are still resistant to it then we are getting to a tipping point where this is not right. 

‘You are going to have to take a decision on if you actually want to play and if you don’t want to play full stop because of the situation you find yourself in it’s your right but you cannot have all the contractual benefits. You simply can’t from a moral standpoint or a financial standpoint.

On-loan Newcastle defender Danny Rose had labelled Project Restart plans as a ‘f***king joke’

‘One understands that you didn’t ask for this disease. Neither did the broadcasters, neither did the owners, neither did the fans.

‘You, as footballers, who stand on the sidelines and say no cannot be the only ones that aren’t impacted. You just can’t be.’ 

Jordan previously called for the Premier League’s top brass to void the season and avoid ‘corporate manslaughter’.

Jordan has also called for top flight chiefs to void the season to avoid ‘corporate manslaughter’

The 52-year-old, who presided over the Selhurst Park outfit between 2000 and 2010, believed that the ‘best case scenario’ would be to scrap the campaign and return when there is an available vaccine. 

‘As much as I don’t want to be a doomsday merchant, we have got a disease we don’t have a vaccine for, while this isn’t a problem in everyone’s workplace, everyone isn’t spitting and kicking each other as footballers do,’ he said on talkSPORT. 

‘They are going to get infected until we find a vaccine and if something dreadful happens, what happens to sport then? Corporate manslaughter? Is that what we are going to talk about next?’

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