Trevor Sinclair posts selfie and quote on mental health amid Queen post backlash

Trevor Sinclair has returned to social media after he was slated for his post about the Queen shortly after her death on Thursday.

The talkSPORT pundit and former Manchester City player came under fire when he posted on Twitter: "Racism was outlawed in England in the 60's & it's been allowed to thrive so why should black and brown mourn!!'".

The tweet was deleted and yesterday he said: "My tweet yesterday was ill timed at a time when the royal family, and many around the world were grieving for the Queen. I apologise for any offence caused to those mourning The Queen."

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The 49-year-old has now posted a selfie accompanied with a mental health awareness, with talkSPORT confirming on Friday that the pundit would be dropped by the station while he was investigated.

The most recent tweet posted today said: "It’s not how many times you get knocked down, it’s finding the strength to get back up and go again. #MentalHealthAwareness."

Trevor Sinclair was slated by many after his initial tweet on Thursday, with Simon Jordan condemning the comments made by the former pro.

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Jordan said on air: "To put a tweet out with that content at that time was, in my mind, deeply inappropriate."

He continued: "If you want to have this view, there will be a time for people to have different views about the monarchy, about our Queen. [But] this was never the time.

"I responded to Trevor with a tweet, I kind of regretted it to some extent because I felt like I should have perhaps texted him directly rather than respond to a tweet. It was a reaction from me to say, 'oh no Trevor', this is not an appropriate thought, it's not right for a start, and it's certainly not the right timing."


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