West Ham fan calls Chelsea supporter ‘silly c***’ on Fan TV with host speechless

A Chelsea fan was labelled a "silly c***" along with plenty of other slurs, as one of the most chaotic fan videos of all-time surfaced online.

Tensions were running high on Saturday as London rivals Chelsea and West Ham faced off at Stamford Bridge. The Blues were victorious as they beat the Hammers 2-1, but the away side were denied a late equaliser after a highly controversial VAR decision.

The rise of Fan TV has been remarkable over the past half a decade, with the realness providing a raw and relatable experience for viewers and fellow supporters. Over the years there have been some memorable clips shared, but after a Chelsea fan was jeered before being floored by police, a candidate for the most chaotic video so far has emerged.

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Fan TV is still hit and miss with supporters, with some embracing it while others are still adjusting to the new normal at football grounds. But it's fair to say West Ham fans were particularly annoyed on Saturday, as a Chelsea fan was being interviewed near the away section just moments after their controversial defeat.

The interviewee was certainly a character, as he charged towards two different opposition supporters while the host desperately tried to ask him questions. To begin with, the fan ignored slurs that came his way, with one fan shouting "you silly c***" as they walked past.

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The fan responded with an aggressive hand gesture, but lost his cool as he charged at angry supporters. After the initial incident settled down, the interviewer tried to pick up where he left off, but his efforts were wasted.

The fan soon ran off again, this time running in the opposite direction as he went towards another group of away supporters. In the footage, police horses and officers were seen getting involved.

The poor look on the interviewer's face was certainly a picture, as he couldn't quite believe what was happening.

It's certainly not the advert for the English game that many would want to see, but it does sum up why the Fan TV movement has become so popular. With a unique hairstyle it's likely the fan may also become a bit of a celebrity at Stamford Bridge too, so it may not be the last time we see him.


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