World Cup fans find ‘cheapest beer in Doha’ but it still costs over £7 a pint

You can always trust the Australians to find the best watering hole and it looks like they've done it again – out in the Middle East.

Fans have travelled from across the globe to watch their countries battle at the World Cup in Qatar, where alcohol laws are extremely strict. Just days before the tournament was set to get underway, the Muslim nation banned the sale of booze in stadiums.

Special fan zones are still able to act as alcohol vendors but many have found that the prices are rather steep. However, nearly 7,000 Socceroos have made the trip – and you can expect a few of them might be partial to a pint or two.

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And they have discovered self-service bars, where fans are urged to help themselves to whatever they like. There are also plenty of hotels and restaurants who are more than happy to accommodate supporters wanting a drink.

However, it might be one of those nights where you just don't look at your bank balance in the morning with pints costing £7.83 – at least. Even Londoners might grimace at the price.

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"How much is happy hour? Not that it matters that much….already spent $100 on 5 beers," one Australian said.

A lot has been made about the accommodation for fans in Doha this month, with many being forced to stay in plastic tents with just a fan to keep them cool amid temperatures of over 30 degrees. It comes after hotels were not finished in time, leaving some without a choice.

Whereas from a wider point of view, Qatar has come under fire due to an estimated 6,500 migrant workers that have tragically lost their lives whilst working on the various stadiums that have built for the tournament.


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