Andy Murray jokes ‘I need to get back on the road’ after European Open win

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Andy Murray said he would reassess his goals after a “surprise” win at the European Open, and joked that he needed to get back on tour to stop his family growing too large.

The Scot, 32, had hip surgery in January and won his first title in two years in Antwerp on Sunday.

He is now likely to take a break until next month’s Davis Cup finals while he waits for the birth of his third child.

“I need to now start talking more about my future,” he said.

“I am certainly a lot more optimistic.”

The three-time Grand Slam champion beat Stan Wawrinka 3-6 6-4 6-4 to win his 46th career singles title in only his seventh singles tournament since returning from a hip resurfacing operation.

He joked: “I’ll have three kids under four years old. When I’ve been off the tour my family has got bigger so I need to get back on the road so we don’t get out of control!

“I’m excited for the third kid. My wife’s been a huge support for getting me back on the court and making me fight to keep playing.”

Victory in Antwerp saw Murray’s ranking climb 116 places to 127.

After breaking down in tears following the win, he added: “I don’t know why you get emotional about certain things or the reason for why it comes. Everyone is different.

“It was because the past few years have been hard for me, and tennis is something that I love doing and today was unexpected and yeah, there’s lots of reasons for me to be emotional today.

“My hip is fine. There’s no pain there anymore, which is amazing. I guess there shouldn’t be because it’s metal – there’s no pain receptors or anything in the metal.

“It allows me to compete like that and enjoy what it is that I’m doing.”

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