Emma Raducanu backed to rival Murray and Hamilton in sponsorship deal stakes

Britain's new tennis golden girl Emma Raducanu is “the brightness everyone needs” after nearly 18-months of Coronavirus gloom.

Branding experts predict the 18-year-old, who is the last Brit standing in round four at Wimbledon on Monday, could go on to earn similar in sponsorship deals to the likes of Andy Murray and Lewis Hamilton.

Emma, who is awaiting her A-level results, takes on 28-year-old Aussie Ajla Tomljanović and is guaranteed a cool £300,000 if she wins.

The likeable teen has already bagged £181,000 for reaching the fourth round.

Marcel Knobil, the founder of Brand Council and Superbrands, told the Mirror: “There’s a real innocence about her and she’s sharing in the same shock and excitement at her progress as the rest of the nation.

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“Brands are absolutely desperate for positivity right now, after nearly two years of bleakness.

“And therefore they want to capitalise on incredible stories like Emma’s – and she’s the brightness everyone needs right now.

“She is an incredibly sellable proposition in so many ways.

“She’s got a ready-made image that many brands are crying out for.

“She represents the values that many brands would very much want to be associated with.

“She’s very clean cut, attractive, multicultural, successful and young – all of which brands want to be associated with.

“Being associated with her would definitely increase the value of those very positive characteristics.

“There’s no doubt there will be brand managers at this very moment featuring her in their future sponsorship plans.

“I’m confident there’ll be a queue of prospective employers outside her door after the Championships.

“She could well, if she continues along this trajectory, enjoy similar revenues to Andy Murray in the future, or maybe even Lewis Hamilton."

F1 ace Hamilton, 35, is the UK’s richest sportsperson and last year saw his wealth rise £37m to £224m, according to The Sunday Times’ 2020 Rich List.

Murray, 34, who crashed out of Wimbledon in the third round on Friday, is thought to have a net worth of around £120 million, of which about £45million is from on-court earnings.

Emma, an only child from Bromley, south east, London, was born in Toronto.

Canada to a Romanian father and Chinese mother, and moved to England at the age of two Alan Blount, 41, the head of Newstead Wood School, described her as “funny, personable, bright, educated and articulate – all of that is Emma to a T.”

He added: “She was a model student.

“From year seven she was hardworking, diligent, and actually you wouldn’t have known that she was a blossoming tennis superstar alongside it.

“Her work never faltered and that was exactly the same on tennis.

“Her tennis never dropped while she was still achieving the very top grades the whole way through her schooling as well.

“She knew the importance of her education and she knew the importance of if tennis didn’t come off she needed a plan B that would require a good education and a good set of grades behind her because at the age of 11 you never know what the future holds.

“So education was super important and she’s managed to keep that right the way through until now in completing her A Levels.

“Her work ethic comes easily to her. She puts the time into her school work and she puts the time into her tennis.

“She is an able student, she’s very bright and gifted in that respect but that doesn’t come without hard work as well.

“At times when tennis could’ve taken over, the two have had equal weighting the whole way through.

“She’s calm and level headed in school and humble in that she’s out performing in these tournaments and then she’ll come back to school and be sat alongside her peers again and carry on and you just wouldn’t know that maybe last week she was France.”

Emma previously told the Mirror if she had to choose between reaching the fourth round and getting A*s in each of her Maths and Economics A-Levels, that she would choose round four.

Alan added: “She said it was fourth round or A-Levels, we know it’s both.”

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