Emma Raducanu lifts lid on surprise adrenaline-filled hobby outside tennis

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Emma Raducanu has stated her favourite thing to do when she is not playing tennis. The teen reflected on a remarkable season which saw her go from being a relatively unknown prospect to a global megastar in such a short space of time.

She burst on the scene at Wimbledon this summer by reaching the fourth round.

In September, the Bromley local shocked the world when she won the US Open as a qualifier without dropping a set.

The monumental victory helped propel her into the world’s top 20 by the end of the year, as well as becoming the new British number one.

Raducanu has wowed fans with her phenomenal tennis skills, and away from her profession, the 19-year-old admitted she is a thrill seeker as she named a target she has set herself off the court.

“I’m a big adrenaline junkie. I have my driver’s licence but I’m a big motorsports fan so maybe get my motorbike licence – something speedy and fun,” she said.

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The star has been following the titanic F1 title tussle between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, which will reach its climax this Sunday.

Raducanu has opened up on her friendship with Hamilton, after admitting she wanted to see the seven-time champion be crowned BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year instead of herself. 

The Briton said she had received advice from Hamilton following her rapid rise to superstardom when she became the US Open champion.

Asked whether she had prepared a victory speech in case she was crowned this year’s SPOTY, but said: “No definitely not. I am rooting for Lewis in the race.

“He’s been such a good role model for me in terms of helping me out and through these next stages. He’s a really cool person.”


She later opened up on the advice Hamilton had given her, after the pair struck up a friendship and met at the Met Gala.

The US Open champion said: “He’s just been really cool in helping me.

“He said, like, be patient. You know, you just got to ride the wave, it’s all good, like, don’t worry. Good reassurance. So yeah, he’s a really cool, cool guy.

“I met him in person at the Met Gala and we had a really good conversation there and, and since then, I’ve just been looking up to him, following him and supporting him,” she added. “It’s just whenever we meet it’s really cool.”

It has been a remarkable week for Raducanu, who won the WTA award for Newcomer of the Year.

The WTA announced their 2021 player award winners on Tuesday (December 7), which “recognise the stand-out performers from this season”.

Members of the international media vote for the player or doubles team they believe deserve to win each category, and the honour was bestowed upon Raducanu.

It comes after the 19-year-old won a BT Sport award and two SJA British Sports Awards.

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