Novak Djokovic warned ‘stakes have risen’ after judge makes Australian Open decision

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Novak Djokovic has been warned that he could still lose his battle to compete at this year’s Australian Open after the cancellation of his visa was controversially overturned on Monday. The 34-year-old, who won last year’s edition of the tournament, has been spending the last few days in detention after initially being denied entry to Australia upon his arrival in the country last week.

Djokovic looked set to miss out on the opportunity to defend his title in Melbourne after more detail was demanded on his medical exemption to enter Australia and compete in the first Grand Slam of the new year.

However, it was ruled on Monday that his visa cancellation order would be immediately quashed, meaning that he will be free to play in the tournament.

Although the court eventually sided with Djokovic, it has been suggested that he could still be denied a place at the Australian Open if the decision to allow his participation is rescinded over the coming days.

Government counsel Christopher Tran stated that Australia’s immigration minister, Alex Hawke, has the ability to exercise a personal power of cancelling Djokovic’s visa once again.

This suggests that his bid to seal a place at this month’s tournament could still be thrown out in spite of Monday’s ruling.

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Judge Anthony Kelly went on to comment: “In a view, the stakes have risen rather than receded.”

Djokovic is yet to officially reveal his COVID-19 vaccination status but has spoken out against mandated jabs on a number of previous occasions.

The recent saga involving the 20-time Grand Slam winner has captured the world’s attention in recent days, with his treatment by officials in Australia sparking plenty of reaction from across the globe.

Boris Becker, who coached Djokovic between 2014 and 2016, recently urged him to get vaccinated in order to resolve the situation and provide himself with the best chance of winning more Grand Slam titles in the near future.

“On this occasion I think he is making a big mistake in not getting vaccinated,” Becker told the Daily Mail.

“It is one that threatens what remains of his career and his chance to cement himself as the greatest player of all time.

“Four times I sat in his box as he won the Australian Open, so I am fully aware of his great strengths as an incredible competitor. I also think he has a great character that can easily be misunderstood.

“Yet these strengths can also be weaknesses. The same incredible determination which I saw win so many close matches can be a vulnerability with his stubbornness.”



Meanwhile, Andy Murray offered his thoughts on the situation by sending his best wishes to Djokovic before insisting that the saga has left a sour taste in the mouths of many.

“I think everyone is shocked by it, to be honest,” said the Scot.

“I’m going to say two things on it just now. The first thing is that I hope that Novak is OK. I know him well, and I’ve always had a good relationship with him, and I hope that he’s OK.

“The second thing I’ll say on it, it’s really not good for tennis at all, and I don’t think it’s good for anyone involved. I think it’s really bad.”

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