Roger Federer may have lost ‘X-factor’ handing Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic advantage

Roger Federer shows off skills while practicing trick shots

Roger Federer may not be able to compete for future Grand Slam titles if he has lost his “X-factor” movement, according to two-time Australian Open and two-time French Open-winner Jim Courier. Federer underwent two knee surgeries last year, which ruled him out of the majority of the truncated tennis season. The Swiss has already pulled out of the Australian Open, which is set to take place in February.

Rafael Nadal is the only male player to have won as many Grand Slam singles titles as Federer’s 20.

Courier says there is no way the Swiss would have lost any of his ability with the racket during his recovery period.

However, he believes a reduction in mobility would affect him, particularly in five-set Grand Slam matches.

“Roger Federer’s wizardry with a racquet will be intact,” Courier said.

“He will not have lost his racquet skills, but the big X-factor is the movement.

“He had two knee surgeries, and the return couldn’t come as fast as Roger and his team had hoped.

“Roger has played first-strike tennis for his entire career, and he could even increase if the movement is not there.

“Still, it will be tough for him to endure seven best-of-five encounters without a proper movement, which is what he is here for.

“We should be grateful for seeing him on the court again; he is so fun to watch, and we all hope to see him playing as long as possible.”

Meanwhile, legendary Australian doubles player Todd Woodbridge says Wimbledon is likely to be the only Grand Slam Federer has a realistic chance of winning again before the end of his career.

“A player of his stature, at some point when you’re not winning, you start to wonder about why you’re only making the quarter-finals, when you’re used to being in the final,” Woodbridge told Channel Nine.

“It doesn’t give the same adrenaline rush as it always has, and that’s when you start to think to yourself that you’ve got other things to do with your life.”

“For Roger to continue on, he’ll have to be able to manage his body when he does come back.

“His goals, I assume, would be to play at the Olympics and at Wimbledon. Wimbledon is the major that I see him being able to win at this stage of his career.”

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