Conor McGregor’s first-ever MMA opponent thought he won their fight illegally

Conor McGregor has fought some of the biggest names in UFC and gone toe-to-toe with Floyd Mayweather, but his first-ever MMA opponent believes he won their fight illegally.

McGregor, who boasts a 22-5 record in UFC, made his MMA debut in March 2008 with a TKO victory over Gary Morris in the Cage of Truth 2.

Morris, nicknamed 'The Dumptruck' on account of his ability to dump opponents onto the canvas, believes McGregor's victory would be deemed illegal under current rules.

In an interview with Severe MMA, Morris recalls how McGregor's finishing blows struck him on the back of the head – a move which would now be harshly punished.

He said: "I don’t even know how far we were into the second round when they stopped the fight, but the only thing I can remember is the finish and I can definitely say that if it was now it would’ve been different.

"The finish was straight punches to the back of the head. He had my back, I was flat on my stomach and the punches were in the back of my head. It would be different now with the referees, the sport is more regulated now.

"It was that long ago that I can’t even remember how we got to that position. I kind of remember different parts of it from photos I’ve seen."

It's fair to say Morris and McGregor's careers have gone in different trajectories since that meeting back in 2008, but Morris looks back on his relationship with Notorious fondly.

He added: "It is strange in some ways, and it isn’t in other ways. In one way I look at it like, at the time we were just two young lads. Then I look at it on the other hand and say, I wish I hadn’t of been injured that long!

"The two of us are training a long time. Obviously there is a lot more natural talent when you’re talking about someone like Conor, but you just hope that there are a lot more people that can make it to that level in this country.

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  • "Honestly, I don’t talk about it that much, I’m not that kind of guy to bring things like that up. If I had beaten him I would though!

    "But seriously what am I meant to say – I was McGregor’s punch bag way back when, you know? You wouldn’t hear me talking about it that often."

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