Paige VanZant ‘likes to be naked’ and vows to bring back nude photos for fans

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Paige VanZant wants to bring back her naked Instagram snaps because she loves being nude.

The mixed martial artist, author and model, who was formerly signed to the UFC’s flyweight division, has been talking about her uploads while preparing for her upcoming bout against Britain Hart.

Ahead of what will be Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship debut, the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu blue belt has been asked about her social media activity at the beginning of the pandemic.

As well as sharing clips of her training, there were several images of Paige and her husband naked.

The 26-year-old has revealed all in a chat with Morning Kombat, during which she discussed her recent posts that include her professional MMA fighter partner Austin Vanderford.

After being asked about the attention her and her Vanderford got for some of their social media snaps, she said: “Yeah, we have to bring that back!

“That wasn’t a planned thing at all, it was quarantine and we stayed at home for two weeks straight when this all started.”

Before adding: “As husband and wife do, we were just naked walking around our house and doing our thing and as an athlete, he’s crazy, he said he was going to do some pull ups.

“I got to the garage and he was doing pull-ups butt naked and I had an idea so I got our tripod out and we staged that photo and then it just kind of became a thing!

“It took a lot of convincing on my part to him to keep doing the naked photos.

“But it was just supposed to be fun and it was such a dark time at the beginning of the pandemic and we were trying to have fun. We’re married and like to be naked I guess!”

Vanderford told MMA Junkie Radio when asked for his thoughts: “It just comes down to her and I, we post what we want to post and really not caring too much or giving too much care to anyone else.

“We had fun especially in quarantine doing the nude photos and stuff. It was just fun for us to do and something that we wanted to do, so we went with it. It wasn’t due to any request.

“We just came up one day, and honestly, I think I was running around the house naked, I was out doing pull-ups or something, and the idea kind of sparked, and we did it.”

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