Ryan Giggs urges Man United to 'get the takeover done'

Ryan Giggs urges Man United to ‘get the takeover done’ as the Glazers’ sale saga rumbles on – and claims Sheikh Jassim would be a better fit than Sir Jim Ratcliffe because he’s ‘going to put the most money in’

  • The lengthy takeover saga at Manchester United is continuing to rumble on 
  • Club legend Ryan Giggs is concerned the process could hurt United on the pitch
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Ryan Giggs has urged Manchester United to resolve the sale of the club and ‘get the takeover done’, insisting that the off-field saga threatens his former side’s results on the pitch.

The Glazers, who have owned Manchester United since 2005, announced last November their plan to explore investment options, including the prospect of a full sale, and have attracted bids from British billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe and Qatari tycoon Sheikh Jassim.

The Red Devils, who lost 3-1 to Arsenal ahead of the September international break, suffered a record drop of 21 per cent earlier this week after Mail Sport reported that the Glazers had decided to take the club off the market.

Sources close to the two bidders disclosed on Tuesday night that neither had been informed that the sale was off. However, the Glazer family appear no closer to a full or partial sale.

The lengthy saga has also left the interested parties frustrated over the Glazers’ uncertain stance, having been given little indication of where they stand.

Ryan Giggs has urged Man United to resolve the sale of the club and ‘get the takeover done’

The Glazer owners, who have been unpopular since their takeover in 2005, have still not sold the club, despite announcing their plan to explore investment options last November

Giggs, who chalked up a record 963 during his playing days at Old Trafford, has urged his former club to ‘get it done’, fearing the drawn-out sale process could have a negative effect on Erik ten Hag and his players.

‘I think like anyone, all the other fans, we just want it resolved,’ Giggs told Manchester United fan channel Webby & O’Neill.

‘If there is a takeover, let’s get it done. I know there’s billions of pounds [involved] but let’s just get it done. If things weren’t too bad on the pitch, if we are winning games and trophies, then you could probably get away with it.

‘But we’re not winning games, we’re not winning trophies, and it’s just an added pressure for the players and the manager with lots of outside noise. 

‘The manager has enough to cope with on the pitch – he doesn’t need the added pressure at press conferences and being asked about takeover bids.’

Qatari tycoon Sheikh Jassim would take full control of Man United if his bid were accepted

Meanwhile, Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s offer would see the Glazers remain as minority shareholders

The Glazers have been unpopular figures at Old Trafford since their takeover eighteen years ago and, as a result, many fans would prefer the Qatari bid succeed because it is for a 100 per cent takeover of the club.

Meanwhile, Ratcliffe’s offer would see the Glazers remain at Old Trafford as minority shareholders.

When asked which bidder he would prefer to take over the club, Giggs said: ‘It is the one that is going to make a difference and put in significant investment. 

‘I don’t know who that would be but it looks like Sheikh Jassim is going to put the most money in and own it 100 per cent.’

The 49-year-old went on to explain what he would do with the added investment. 

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Giggs is concerned the lengthy saga will have a negative effect on Erik ten Hag and his players

‘It’s everything,’ he continued. ‘We need significant investment in the playing staff, the stadium and the training ground. 

‘For me, it’s the best ground in the world so let’s get up to the standards of other teams and other clubs across the world. It’s the same with the training ground and the same with the playing staff. 

‘The investment needs to be significant, it needs to make a difference. Preferably I’d like it to stay as it is.

‘From an emotional point of view, playing, fan, manager, you’d like Old Trafford to stay as it is and be improved but if that isn’t possible – Real have done theirs – that would be my first option. Have it as we are and improve it.’


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