EXCLUSIVE: Logan Paul wants to become the 'face of the WWE'

EXCLUSIVE: Logan Paul wants to become the ‘face of the WWE’ after defeating the legendary Rey Mysterio for the US Championship at Crown Jewel and opens up on ‘awesome’ working relationship with Triple H

  • Logan Paul has set his sights on dominating the WWE after beating Rey Mysterio 
  • Paul also opened up on his ‘awesome’ relationship with WWE chief Triple H 
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Logan Paul has set out his ambitions to become ‘the face of the WWE’ after winning the US Championship against the legendary Rey Mysterio.

Paul claimed the first belt of his career at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia on Saturday night after delivering a final blow to the reigning champion before pinning him to a three count to deliver one of the most memorable nights of his career.

Speaking exclusively to Mail Sport in the aftermath of his victory, Paul outlined his desires to push on and dominate the sport – vowing to ‘take over this industry’ and claiming it was his ‘legacy’ to do so.

‘It’s crazy,’ he said. ‘I really don’t know how to comprehend what my life has become. I grew up in a city where things like this didin’t really happen. I believe in myself, I work my a** off and next thing I know I’m fighting Rey Mysterio for the US championship and I won it. 

‘It feels amazing. I’m shocked and I want to stay humble but f*** that, it’s so much more fun to be arrogant about it! This [belt] ain’t leaving my side. This is one of the biggest accomplishments of my life. I’m gonna take over this industry bro. I’m gonna be the best and I’ve got to keep work really hard.

Logan Paul is aiming to become ‘the face of the WWE’ after winning the US championship

‘Something is so appetising about the idea of doing the best I can in this industry and I know the best I can is to become the face of the WWE, is to become the undisputed universal champion. 

‘I had an opportunity to do it last year at Crown Jewel against Roman (Reigns) and I did amazing. I’m still a rookie, I’ve been doing it for a year and a half, so imagine if I dedicate a little time to it. 

‘Imagine if I go to the performance centre in Orlando and train with the best? I have access to the best resources. It might be something I have to do, I’m all about legacy and perhaps my legacy is to be made to WWE.’

An entertaining fight saw Paul handed a pair of brass knuckles – which were illegal in this championship fight – by a member of his ‘entourage’. 

One of Mysterio’s partners in his ‘Latino World Order’ – Santos Escobar – chased off Paul’s friend who was trying to retreive the weapon. 

Paul enjoyed one of his most memorable career moments by defeating Rey Mysterio

He pinned the WWE legend to a three count and now wants to conquer the organisation

But while Escobar was chasing Paul’s accomplice, he left the brass knuckles in the ring. Despite being set up for Mysterio’s signature ‘619’ move, he caught him with a right hand which led to the pinfall.

After the fight WWE chief Triple H posed for a picture with Paul and hailed him for ‘cementing his place in the world of sports entertainment’.

Speaking about their relationship, Paul said it was ‘awesome’ to work with him as he praised the WWE legend for listening to his ideas and giving him freedom to express himself. 

‘I’m so stoked that Triple H and the company believes in my like they do,’ he added. ‘Hopefully I can make them proud and I know I will. He’s super receptive to my ideas. I’m a content creator – keyword creator. I like to make stuff, I come up with ideas. When I pitch my ideas, he’s all ears all the time. 

Paul spoke of his ‘awesome’ relationship with WWE chief Triple H and praised him for listening to his ideas 

‘We bounce ideas off each other, we go back and forth and usually land on stuff that’s pretty epic. It’s super collaborative and I like that they give me the freedom to be who I am in their company.’

Paul – who has also made headlines after defeating kickboxer Dilon Danis on the undercard of Tommy Fury’s recent win over KSI – also discussed the possibility of a tag team match with his brother Jake. 

Jake has been enjoying lucrative boxing fights against the likes of Tommy Fury and former UFC star Nate Diaz – so Paul cannot foresee him switching over to wrestling anytime soon. 

However, he welcomed the possibility in the future, adding: ‘It’s tough, bro. He’s a boxer. I’m a wrestler slash boxer. I think he’s going to be focusing on boxing for a bit – but who knows? If I need some back-up and a big right hand I’m going to bring in my brother!’ 

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