Neil Lennon pauses punditry duties mid-sentence to ‘let out a fart’ on live TV

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    Football pundit Neil Lennon was full of beans during his managerial career – and it appears those fibrous habits weren't restricted to the touchline.

    The former Celtic, Hibernian and Bolton boss was often left red in the cheeks thanks to his fiery displays as a manager. And some things never change, it seems, after fans were convinced they'd heard the redhead pass gas during a recent punditry appearance.

    Lennon, 52, sat down to discuss the current headlines in the Scottish game on PLZ's The Football Show this week. But his hosts perhaps got more than they bargained for when it sounded like the tactician popped off in quite the literal sense.

    While airing out Michael Beale over Rangers' recent run of poor form and defeat at home in the Old Firm, Lennon had a very noticeable pause while pursing his lips in concentration. The microphone then picked up something that sounded unmistakeably fart-like before he cracked on with the job at hand.

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    "He need to find, first of all, the [pause and parp] best formation that suits this squad of players," said the 40-cap former Northern Ireland international while very much skipping a beat. "And he should know, Peter, because he's brought these players in himself."

    No-one else in the studio reacted in real time to the sound of trumpets in the air, and the segment carried on like business as usual. Either the sound failed to reach the ears of his hosts at the time, or PLZ is home to some extremely professional talent.

    The clip was shared far and wide as some fans agreed it was a case of 'better out than in'. Others downplayed the disturbance as one viewer dubbed Lennon's (alleged) leg-spreader 'just a little Tommy squeaker'.

    Having managed on some of the biggest stages for more than a decade, there's no reason why the County Armagh native should feel nervous about a punditry appearance. On the other hand, spectators may have witnessed one of the most audacious on-set power moves ever played.

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    Almost a year has passed since Lennon was fired from his last managerial job at the helm of Cypriot outfit Omonia Nicosia. He was forced out of the club despite some valiant Europa League efforts against Manchester United and Real Sociedad and hasn't taken a coaching job since.

    That being said, Lennon has been active as a pundit while he keeps his eye out for the next big opportunity. And the winds of change already appear to be whipping up a gust in his favour.

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